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Monarch Petroleum Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,

Monarch Petroleum Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,

Monarch Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a professional lubricant manufacturer, headquartered in Beijing.

As a professional lubricant manufacturer serving the local market in China for a long time, we focus on the R & D and production of lubricants that meet the needs of Chinese users. We provide professional, efficient and excellent lubrication and maintenance party for Chinese users in many petrochemical fields, such as automobile oil, motorcycle oil, industrial oil, engineering machinery oil and grease, brake oil, unfreezing fluid and so on Case.

At present, there are factories in Beijing, Wuxi and Guangzhou. 

Industry and market position

Ranked 16th in the world (Klein company released the world market ranking of lubricating oil brands in 2005).

At present, it is one of the largest professional automobile lubricant manufacturers in China.

China's leading brands of diesel engine oil, motorcycle oil and construction machinery oil.



Lubricating Oil and Automotive Aftermarket Service