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US PEAK Auto Accessory

US PEAK Auto Accessory

Peak -- American automobile products brand


Peak in the United States -- brand history

In 1947, with the recovery of American industry and rapid economic development, PEAK, a legendary brand, was born in the United States. In the past 66 years of development, PEAK adheres to the spirit of constant exploration, research and development, and challenges the traditional thinking. It successfully conforms to the development trend of the industry and continues to perform the legend. Today, PEAK has become a global leader in the R & D, distribution and market of high-quality automotive products.


With the spirit of "product originality" advocated by two founders, Tom hurvis and Riaz waraich, PEAK has seized the business opportunities in market segments and continuously launched blue sea development to seven product lines, including lubricating oil, coolant and performance additives. After decades of hard work, today's PEAK is named for these world-famous products, and also because of their success, it has gained the confidence and courage of sustainable development. This "spirit of originality" is a valuable asset for PEAK to successfully comply with the development trend of the industry in the past few decades and constantly create a miracle of development.

Peak of the United States - 7 product lines provide professional auto supplies and services


Peak of the United States -- professional supply chain system

Ensure that delivery is in the U.S. automotive aftermarket segment. It owns automotive lubricants, coolants, auto care supplies and auto parts. With leading scientific research technology and perfect supply chain system, PEAK has more than 400 dealers and 210000 mainstream retailers.




Lubricating Oil and Automotive Aftermarket Service