Company News - Huo's Group Boxway news | Boxway and Beijing municipal government reach cooperation on disaster relief material reserve project
Boxway news | Boxway and Beijing municipal government reach cooperation on disaster relief material reserve project

On December 23, 2019, the Beijing municipal government procurement website officially announced that Boxway has become the bid winner of the Beijing municipal government disaster relief material reserve project. The relief materials in Beijing are mainly used to deal with special situations such as large-scale natural disasters and emergencies in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. With regional advantages and professional operation experience, Boxway Beijing park will provide strong support for the allocation and distribution of disaster relief materials.

On December 26, Wang Deqi, director Yang Chunyan, deputy director general of Beijing Municipal Bureau of grain and materials reserve, and Gao Weiqiang, deputy director of Daxing District Bureau of Commerce, and other leaders visited Boxway Group to conduct on-the-spot investigation on the situation of disaster relief material warehouse, and gave guidance suggestions for the follow-up work.


Beijing municipal government procurement network announced the results of BOXWAY bid


At the meeting, the working safety and cargo safety, storage environment requirements, management and maintenance, security work and other issues during the relocation of relief materials were discussed in detail. Liu Jinshan, vice president of sales of BOXWAY Group, said: "the storage equipment and intelligent supply chain management application of BOXWAY will provide sufficient guarantee for the safety of disaster relief materials and subsequent operation and service work. The visual operation monitoring system, vehicle positioning system, security system, bridge construction safety monitoring system and intelligent electric power monitoring system of the management platform of BOXWAY intelligent park can meet the requirements of disaster relief material storage and safety management.


Photos of the meeting site

After the meeting, Liu Jinshan, vice president of sales of BOXWAY group, led the government leaders to the monitoring center of the smart Park of the group for a visit and operation demonstration. Then, I came to the winning warehouse of this project to check the actual situation of the warehouse. Through on-the-spot investigation, the government leaders gave full affirmation to BOXWAY, and expressed confidence in this cooperation, believing that BOXWAY has the ability to provide safety guarantee for the relief materials of the country.


Visit the monitoring center and winning warehouse of smart Park


Since the Beijing disaster relief materials warehouse relocation project was launched in March this year, the leaders of BOXWAY Group have attached great importance to it. Liu Jinshan, Deputy Sales General Manager of BOXWAY Group, is the project leader. He has participated in the whole process from the preparation of investigation plan to the preparation of bidding documents. Mr. Liu asked every staff member to treat the work with a serious and pragmatic attitude and strictly control every detail. In the preparation time of nearly 10 months, the BOXWAY team went to the original warehouse of disaster relief materials for many times. In order to make the research information more accurate, it went back and forth to the original warehouse of disaster relief materials more than ten times, and accurately checked all kinds, quantities, storage methods and stacking methods of the reserved materials, so as to ensure that the area required for relocation is completely consistent with that of BOXWAY, so as to promote the bidding work orderly.


On site inventory survey of Budweiser team

From the first contact in early spring to field investigation in midsummer, bidding preparation in late autumn, and finally announcing the bid winning results in the middle of winter, the company has won the government's recognition with its professional service concept and perfect hardware conditions. In the following cooperation process, BOXWAY has a long way to go. It will keep its promise and fulfill its responsibilities. It will fully embody its sense of mission and responsibility in the details of cooperation. At the same time, it will give full play to its advantages in multi links of modern supply chain management services, and make a contribution to the national disaster relief material reserve work.