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Lubricating Oil and Automotive Aftermarket Service

Integrate high-quality resources, Serve Chinese Market

Monarch Petroleum Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., it was established in 1993

It was an industry leading brand ranked 16th in the world and 4th in Chinese market. Its peculiar four world-class brands of "Monarch Lubricating Oil"  "US PEAK Auto Accessory"  "US TOP1" and "Purecycling" and the products continually meet the increasingly vigorous market demand of various industries in China. 

Through making unceasing progress, Monarch products have covered 936 domestic dealers and 59,000 repair and retail terminals, Monarch also has obtained 129 OEM certificates of domestic and foreign manufacturers and technical approval of 10 authority organizations including American Petroleum Institute (API) and European ACEA, and is recommended by various industry associations, clubs and other organizations, breaking new ground in the industry.