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Small-micro Forinancial Pawnbroking

Convenient financing, great product with lower price

Beijing Jinma Pawn Co., Ltd. And Beijing Tianxiang Pawn Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 and 2003 respectively, are affiliated with the Huo's  Group and are the pawn enterprises established upon the approval of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce. 


They are committed to conduct the civilian goods, house property, motor vehicle and other financing business and provide dis-pawned item sales, appraisal and evaluation services, and provide normative and convenient financing channels for large, medium and small-sized enterprises and all parts of society. As two earlier established two pawn enterprises in Beijing, they introduce modern business concept into traditional pawn business and adopt the advanced technology of "pawn business management system (PBM)" to create a modern pawn service mode of "convenient financing, great product with lower price". Currently, the companies have established more than 10 branches, with the business covering core districts in Beijing.