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Realize Centennial industry and sustainable development

Entrepreneurship and Staff Education     

The Huo's Group hopes that employees can be honest, pragmatic, professional, enterprising, responsible, cooperative, innovative and respectful and insist on the core value and behaviors of the enterprise regardless of their work. The Group attaches importance to both business development and staff development, namely, not only scores achievements, but also pays attention to the development of employees. Huo's Group must become a Chinese expert and a century enterprise with internationalization competence and a company providing long-term service to achieve the development of employees. 

Management Trainee Training Plan

The Huo's Group pays attention to personnel training and continues to promote the training plan for management trainees. In 2020, Budweiser will welcome the fifth management trainee. In order to make the management trainees get enough exercise, the human resources department has summarized a set of training model and tools "three parties and fifteen items", and arranged the internal inter departmental job rotation, leadership training, corporate culture training and other contents, so as to let future enterprises Industry managers can roughly experience these four challenges to meet the needs of their posts, and take root in the soil of Budweiser and become a pillar of talent.


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