Corporate Culture - Huo's Group


Group Culture


Entrepreneurship and staff education 

The Huo's Group hopes that employees can be honest, pragmatic, professional, enterprising, responsible, cooperative, innovative and respectful and insist on the core value and behaviors of the enterprise regardless of their work. The Group attaches importance to both business development and staff development, namely, not only scores achievements, but also pays attention to the development of employees. Huo's Group must become a Chinese expert and a century enterprise with internationalization competence and a company providing long-term service to achieve the development of employees. 

Honesty and respect 

Huo's Group focus on the long-term development of the enterprise and believe that "integrity" is the key to achieve the successful operation and long-term development of the enterprise; 

Huo's Group business reputation and enterprise honors owe to our spirit of integrity and honesty; 

Huo's Group advocate respecting for others and encourage equal and candid communication; 

Respect for and tolerate people with different cultures and backgrounds, and promote multi-culture.


Value: honest and pragmatic, professional and enterprising.

Employing principles: morality-oriented, moral-talent components; making use of people's strengths, understanding people's shortcomings. 

Rules of conduct: responsibility, respect, cooperation, innovation. 

Work / behavior advocated by the group:

Positive behavior:

1. Oppose complexity, pragmatism and efficiency

2. Spend more time with customers and stakeholders

3. Open and transparent communication

4. Review and improve