Company News - Huo's Group BOXWAY | News "Hongke Cloud Warehouse - Warehousing+Model" boosts 6.18 Shopping Festival
BOXWAY | News "Hongke Cloud Warehouse - Warehousing+Model" boosts 6.18 Shopping Festival

On June 18, 2020, a much-anticipated live webcast of the 6.18 Shopping Festival was held in the Beijing BOXWAY (Beijing) Park. This is the first time that the "Hongke Cloud Warehouse" of the BOXWAY Group supports webcasting through the intelligent park service platform, to create a "different" live space and help upgrade the "webcast service". The company started the "Hongke Cloud warehouse - warehousing +" mode.


In 2020, an epidemic changed our way of life. We are accustomed to stay at home, we are accustomed to take out the phone to open the video app ...2020 Mr. Luo signed up to Tik Tok to start live with goods, CCTV host to help Wuhan's economic recovery started live with goods, government leaders around the world to guide consumption, live live with goods ...

In the post-epidemic era, people seem to be extra careful about travel and parties, and many people's lives have become online. But how the current live industry can incorporate experiential shopping is a very important topic, imagine a scenario in which a live broadcast in an e-commerce industrial park with many categories is like an anchor bringing fans into a shopping street, and the collection of various brands makes it easier to form cross-border cooperation, which can enhance product sales conversion. The modern supply chain industry attributes, as well as the wisdom of the park's services and visualization platform, so that it must become a necessary part of the live industry to achieve "live + experiential shopping", BOXWAY "Hongke Cloud warehouse - warehousing +" model was born.

BOXWAY "Hongke Cloud warehouse - warehousing +" model to expand the boundaries of the supply chain industry, for the industry in the era of big data to explore the development of new market models laid a good foundation, and the modern supply chain service advantages of amplification, open up a new development model, BOXWAY Group will also rely on their own network resources, intelligent park technology platform and professional services to provide partners with more efficient and broader development space, to create future value.