Company News - Huo's Group Deepening into the transition period - Huo’s Group held the 35th anniversary of its establishment theme activities
Deepening into the transition period - Huo’s Group held the 35th anniversary of its establishment theme activities

No matter passively or proactively, China today is in an "epic" transition period, and no enterprise can stay away from it. They have been seeking ways to transform and change in order to advance in the increasingly complex competition of globalization and win a ticket to the next track. In this context, the Huo’s Group, with its roots in China and global reach, held a theme event on September 19, 2020 in Beijing on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the Huo’s Group and the deepening into the transition period, inviting government and enterprises from all walks of life to work together with the media. While reviewing the 35-year history of the Huo’s Group's glorious development, we also face the challenges and opportunities under the new changes of the times to stimulate new momentum and break new ground for the future.

Leaders from the Development Research Center of the State Council, Director of the Institute of Economic Research, Huang Jiangming, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Business School of Renmin University of China, Wang Ting, Doctoral Supervisor of the Business School of China University of Political Science and Law, Director of the Human Resources Development and Management Research Center, Lin Youlai, Chairman of Beijing Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, Song Shaobo, Former Chairman of Beijing Road Transportation Association, Chairman of Hezhong Group, Huo Zhenxiang, Chairman of the Huo’s Group, Unification. Li Jia, CEO of Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Huo Jianmin, President of Huo's Group and CEO of BOXWAY Group, Huo Zhenlu, consultant of Huo's Group and former General Manager of Beijing BOXWAY, Xu Haiyan, General Manager of Beijing Tianxiang Pawnshop Limited Company and Beijing Jinma Pawnshop Limited Company, and representatives of partners and other more than 160 leaders and guests attended the meeting and celebrated the event.


Thirty-five years of splendor and turmoil  Strategic signing of a new chapter
From a small seed, growing into a towering tree, Huo's Group has spent 35 years. At the beginning of the event, a well-produced short film on the 35th anniversary of Huo's Group triggered the collective resonance and emotion of the audience. From its origins in Beijing in 1985 to its current four core businesses of modern supply chain services, lubricants and automotive aftermarket services, investment business and microfinance pawnbroking, with businesses all over the world, the Huo’s Group has gone through 35 eventful years, experiencing rugged and rough times, as well as enjoying the brightest moments, but it has never stopped moving forward, always with a firm gaze and courage to move forward.

Dialogue on the theme of new dynamics


In the face of the many uncertainties in today's world trade landscape, how can the Hou’s Group continue to write a new chapter? In the next "new dynamics theme of the dialogue" link, the Huo's four major core business segments under the person in charge of a summit dialogue. Dialogue guests agreed that the current international situation and global epidemic prevention and control are still facing many uncertainties, China is facing a century of unprecedented changes, but all the signs that China's economy is gradually stabilizing the market, Huo's Group to recognize the trend, seize the opportunity to shift gears in a timely manner to speed up to achieve overtaking.

Huo Jianmin, President of the Huo’s Group and CEO of BOXWAY Group


At the end of the dialogue, Mr. Huo, President of Huo's Group and CEO of BOXWAY Group, concluded: "Innovation and change are always the same 'genetic core' of Huo's Group. In the face of the upcoming transition of the Huo's Group, a new horn has been sounded, we have been well prepared. I believe that with the joint efforts of all Huo's people, we will continue to be firm in our corporate culture and heritage, and firm in our new development direction. Huo’s Group will always have firm confidence in the long-term development potential of the country and the industry, and will also set long-term development goals from a strategic height, and continue to achieve new results and make more and greater contributions to society."


As the "highlight" of the event, Huo's Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Economic Research on the spot. In the future, Hou’s Group will rely on the expert think-tank advantages of the National Research Institute of Economic Research and the media resource advantages of the China Economic Times, focusing on economic application research, through professional research capabilities, to provide top design direction and "wisdom" support in the national economic development strategy and policy, enterprise development positioning, international benchmarking and other aspects.


Deepening the transition period, singing high on the journey to break new ground

Spring and autumn, the years like a song, 35 years of weaving in the wind and rain, 35 years of spring and autumn. All the glories and achievements of Huo’s Group are inseparable from the hand in hand companionship of every Huo’s family member, and the "Military Medal" of Huo’s Group also belongs to them. As the saying goes: Knowing kindness in the heart, thanksgiving in action. On this special day today, Huoshi Group has awarded "Outstanding Contribution Award" to 8 representatives of "Huo’s family" who have been working hard and presented two special gifts-- The Huo’s Family Wine and the autobiography book signed by the chairman of the Huo’s Family were specially designed by the Huo’s Group. The Huo’s Family Wine was presented to the Huo’s family in the hope that in the future, all Huo’s family members will continue to work together to build the next Huo’s splendor.

Chairman Huo Zhenxiang presented the "Outstanding Contribution Award"


As the "helmsman" and "head of the Huo’s Group", Chairman Huo Zhenxiang said emotionally: "Memories of the past are eventful and thick, 35 years is the most valuable, most beautiful and most essential stage of life. The brilliant achievements of Huo’s Group in the past 35 years cannot be achieved without the contribution of every Huo’s family member. Up to now, Huo's Group has more than 100 employees with more than 20 years of seniority, more than 200 employees with more than 15 years of seniority, and more than 40% of the group's employees with more than 10 years of seniority. The wide sea allows the fish to leap, while the sky allows the birds to fly. Innovation is the kernel of Huo's spirit and the unchanging iron law. Huo’s Group should always keep pace with the times, adapt to the development of society and national progress, and dare and be good at being  'the first one to eat crab'."

Address by Mr. Huo, Chairman of Huo’s Group

The road to success is as strong as iron, and now we are marching from the beginning. For Huo’s Group, 35 years is not only a proud milestone node, but also a new historical starting point. On this special day, with the participation of more than ten guests, Huo’s Group's strategic partners, experts, customer representatives, heads of business units, business representatives and representatives of the Group's pipeline students who have just stepped out of the campus, the LOGO, which symbolizes the light of hope, is slowly lit up. It seems to herald the future transformation of the Hou’s Group, which will be a glorious one.

35 years of vicissitudes and changes, 35 years of waves running waves. In the face of the quietly changing world and profound adjustment of the market environment, "whenever the wind and clouds change", Huo’s Group has always been able to cope with the changes in the big times with ease and a long-lasting business, in the constant prosperity through the wind and rain, in the difficult growth of the head up! Only the reformer advances, only the innovator is strong, only the reform and innovation wins. Today, the Huo’s Group, which is once again in deep transition, is ready and will embrace the new world and the new future with a more fearless posture.