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Social Responsibility

Realize Centennial industry and sustainable development

Enterprise social responsibility means that the enterprise should assume responsibility for consumers, communities and environment while making profits and taking legal responsibility for shareholders and staff, which requires the enterprise must surpass the traditional idea of taking the profits as the only target, but should pay much attention to human value in the production process and emphasize the contribution to the environment, consumers, and society. 

Huo's Group believes that the implementation and management of the social responsibility are the foundation for the enterprise to achieve sustainable development. Huo's Group is devoted to implementing sustainable development and innovative business mode, and working together with customers, partners and staff via the favorable platform, thus promoting the development of society. 


The concept of social responsibility

Focusing on the long-term development of enterprises, adhering to "integrity and integrity" is the magic weapon for the success and long-term rejuvenation of enterprises. Our business reputation and corporate reputation come from integrity and integrity.

We advocate maintaining respect for others, encouraging equal and frank exchanges, respecting and accommodating people from different cultures and backgrounds, and advocating multiculturalism.

Adhere to the code of conduct of responsibility, respect, cooperation and innovation, establish the values of integrity, pragmatism and professionalism, and take responsibility for customers, partners, employees, environment and society.

Health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) 

Huo's Group always advocate and insist on providing healthy and safe products and services. Huo's Group and all subsidiary members strictly follow and attach importance to health and safety. Safety is the foundation of the business, Huo's Group pursue to achieve the goal of zero accident, and emphasize the responsibility and commitment to the enterprise, staff and society. 

Corporate social responsibility management

Huo's Group has a corporate social responsibility department, which aims to promote the corporate social responsibility of the group in an all-round way.

Communication mechanism of social responsibility management

Huo's Group has established a dialogue mechanism with customers, partners, employees, government and society. Through various ways and channels such as image promotion, internal staff communication, customer relationship maintenance and partner maintenance, Holly group has communicated with all parties around the concept, objectives, policies and practices of corporate social responsibility, and regularly through mainstream media, network media and corporate public The company publishes the relevant information of the enterprise through the forms of participation, investigation, forum, questionnaire, etc., to collect feedback information and expand the scope of communication.

Huo's Group strictly abides by laws and regulations, and takes responsible business activities as an important part of enterprise management.


Abide by business ethics

During the business operation, Huo's Group must abide by guidance rules reaching the highest standard of business ethics. The code is formulated to regulate the business practice and moral code of all employees to create a fair, just and disinterested enterprise interior environment. If the requirements in the code are higher than the business practice or relevant laws, regulations and provisions, Huo's Group will apply the higher one.


Employee code entrepreneurship and Cultivation

Huo's Group hopes that employees will be honest, pragmatic, professional, enterprising, responsible, collaborative, innovative and respect for others. At the same time, no matter what kind of work they are engaged in, they should adhere to the company's core values and behavior. In the view of the group, the development of business is as important as the development of employees. It is necessary to "build a business" and pay attention to the growth and development of employees.

Huo's Group should not only become a Chinese expert with global capabilities and a century old enterprise, but also become a company with staff growth and development and willing to serve for a long time. As an employee of the company, it is the responsibility and obligation to understand the company's policies, relevant culture, and basic professional skills requirements.

Social responsibility helps the world

As a private enterprise, Huo's Group is grateful, has the courage to undertake social responsibility, and strives to improve the value of the city and give back to the society.

Huo's Group has been committed to social public welfare undertakings for a long time. While developing enterprises, it does not forget to "benefit the world at the same time".

One belt, one road one belt, one road fund established by the Huo's Group, is used to support the business schools' teaching, research and international activities around the area.

Huo's Group set up "Hoechst Education Fund" under "business school international exchange fund"

Daxing District Federation of industry and Commerce precision support public welfare fund


Dare to take social responsibility and actively repay the society

Huo's Group takes continuously creating social value as its own responsibility, carries out various forms of fund-raising activities inside and outside the enterprise, such as directional donation, material donation, etc.


In 2017, in response to the call of Beijing Daxing District Jingnan logistics base management committee, Huo group participated in the public welfare activity of donating "love book box" for left behind children organized by China children's foundation.

Advocating "Family Culture"

Within the company, Huo's Group has been advocating the creation of "family culture". In the group's view, "family culture" is the foundation of private enterprises.

To provide employees with the ideal development platform - the establishment of learning organization

After a certain development, the company pays more attention to the construction of corporate culture, education and requires enterprises and employees to actively take social responsibility.


Pay attention to safety training


Provide employees with a platform to realize their ideal development - rich and colorful activities of the group

On June 5, 2019, when the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the administrative department of the group carefully planned the practical activity of "intangible cultural heritage entering the Huo's Group".